Sunday, February 28, 2010

Letter. Sat. pm exercise 2

Letters can be a really powerful tool for expression, especially if they wont be sent. Write a letter.....

-To yourself ten years from now.
-To yourself before you joined the military.
-To your family as if you were still in or deployed.
-To an Iraqi or Afghan
-To anyone you want.

Post your letter or something that came from it.

Post post post.


  1. hey all, two poems.

    Down Time

    we sat around after,
    like boy scouts,

    trading stories, first
    girl friends, first

    sex, transitions to adult
    hood. we shared faces

    taped to the ceilings
    of helmets, sweat

    from our hands began
    smearing them, patrol

    to patrol, house
    to house.

    Burn Everything

    we burned lots of shit
    in nasiriyah, human shit
    & diesel, trace the spiral
    of the leaden cloud
    as it struggles to lift.

    we burned reeds along
    the euphrates, makes
    it easier for claymores
    to blow, 240 begins
    this light show.

    we burned trees in the park,
    hyper active marines with
    heavy guns & incendiary rounds,
    when the army mp’s showed,
    we tried burning them too.

  2. Maurice thanks for posting. Your first one reminds me of how soldiers over share when we have nothing but time on our hands and we really need distraction.