Friday, April 2, 2010

March Madness

And that it was! March was a tough month for me, which is why I never posted the haikus written in my notebook, nor did I write a single thing that wasn't asked of me at school. Depression, weeks of it, sleepless nights, and reclusiveness. We must learn to not hide or barracade ourselves during times like these. This, I have learned.

I have found strength within the good friends I surrounded myself with and have gotten myself the help I need to continue healing. I will definitely be posting this month.......stay tuned for future blogs! LOL


  1. March was the month I finally finished my autobiographical Novel about when I went to war in Afghanistan. Its a free download, four bucks for a print copy. Check it out on my facebook: Merrell Michael

  2. Cool! I'm def gonna check that out because I don't know what Afghan was like and don't know but about 5 vets from there.$4 is cool-that way I can have my own copy to carry and read : ) Thanx! Is this the Mass Casualties??