Thursday, August 19, 2010

Morning in progress

When did I lose the capacity to cry?
When did my tears dry up like wells in the desert heat,
Like sleeping volcanos afraid of the destruction they would spew forth on their countrymen should they choose to live,
Like the desert cough that comes from an angry night only wanting the rains to fall and make earth give fruit.
When did I lost the capacity to cry?
When did my strength become a wall over which you could only wave a flag to indicate your love,
Where a mother's hug is shielded in a layer of kevlar and grit
Where a brother's send-off is masked in a feast of gluttony and fear
When sleep is only a rock and a pill away
near the rusted metal and debris that serves as blankets for my shadow.
When did I lose the capacity to be?
Like a sculpture asked only to resemble
to endure,
to represent.
When did I lose?