Friday, April 15, 2011

support the troops

"we just Need to support the troops"
is what they tell me

well, this is from a troop
so listen carefully

what we Need are teachers who understand the history of this country
what we Need is a decent living wage, so people aint cold and hungry
what we Need is bicycle infrastructure spanning this beauteous nation
what we Need are more trees and less playstations
what we Need is a justice system that seeks the truth
what we Need are more books and less boots


is love

for every woman and man
from southern Louisiana
to the mountains of Afghanistan

Now, it's true
The troops need support

-the support to come home

they need treatment and jobs and love for the soul

war ain't no good
for the human condition
I lost a piece of who I was
on every single mission
and I'm tellin you,
don't thank me for what I've done

give me a big hug
and let me know

we're not gonna let this happen again

because we support the troops
and we're gonna bring these wars to an end

1 comment:

  1. I might borrow some of your words next time someone thanks me for my service. Or you will make me think of my own. Its too easy to smile and say Thanks....let it go, they mean well....what to do