Friday, July 8, 2011

Where Am I?

Where am I?
Swinging to and fro
through the hoops
you have conditioned
me to adapt;
to the changes
you desire most.

Where am I?
On the short train
to hell
fire blazing on my trail
as I consider your
final destiny.

Where am I?
Holding on to nothing
in the air
that suffocates me
and stifles my very words;
words you don't
want to hear.

Where am I?
Inside a tiny jar
struggling to climb
up to the brim
just to be shoved
back to the base
once again.

Where am I?
Somewhere I never
hoped to be
deep inside your head
yet colored
and painted red for hate
you hate me
and that's okay.

Where am I?
Facing such confusion
anger and pain
time for seclusion to take
up camp and stalk
my brain.

Where am I?
Leaving comforts
and joy in the
wind as I step
out to be new again.

Where am I?
I am here
going down the hill
of hope faster
than a bullet
can make one choke.

I am everywhere
you look with those vacant eyes
try, try, try
to move on with
this opportunity
to be simply
I am here.

1 comment:

  1. The obsessive cry of "where am I" really got to my gut.