Monday, September 12, 2011

Reflections on 10 Years of War (free write)

How can I say what can't be spoken about rage and regret?

10 years later how does my country feel about all that's been lost?
What has been lost?
morality, love, acceptance, progress, deep thinking, questioning, connecting

Where is our military? What are the reasons for supporting the wars?
fear, hatred, vengeance, need for significance...where else can we find meaning?
family, love, nature, beauty, hope, believing, giving of ourselves

Why do we look to war for meaning?
History, lies, we want to be a part of something bigger

What is the problem?
sub-human, no connection, no love, no respect-for ourselves or others

We saw the smoke billowing up to the sky,
nervous energy about our own lives, what role would I play in this, how can I shine?

Then I saw the lives as valuable as mine
Then I saw the love much greater than mine
Then I saw the hate grow in my own kind
Then I asked the question, why am I here, with a M-16 and sand in my hair?
Where is my life, my love, and why?
Over lines across oceans I cry out to you or God or anyone.

But no one heard because my words wouldn't come, they just stayed in my heart like a beating drum.

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