Thursday, June 21, 2012

Writing Prompt DOS!

As some of us see the summer as a time for a break, others are still taking classes. We all joined the military for a reason-no matter what it may be. But we all left with something that had been taught in one way or another. Appropriately, let's use this as what guides us to write this week. The military taught me...

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  1. (I can't seem to publish anywhere other than comments)

    phlebotomies of scale

    Your blood is worth more now than it will ever be. I have seen my own depreciate from towers and truck convoys to the plasma center round where the gutter turns at the end of the block. When I was a kid, It was priceless. Could have been the bodily fluid of a president, guarded like the idea of nationhood by a few hundred suits and a thousand more uniforms.

    Fortunately, I never recieved the military brat's trust fund. Unfortunately that all but fated me to become a camouflage bag of blood myself. Like my dad and the value of my blood fell with the weight of a sub prime mortgage.

    If you've managed a reverse dowry or two and still have trust recipients to support, then the military brats trust fund becomes a sort of preemptive insurance policy payment. The financiers will collect 23 percent interest and add the 73 percent as service to your service upon recoupment. From the moment you signed you were a recruitment ad and the rims you bought with a preemptive blood chit only made you more affective.

    Then your blood began to depreciate.