Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Where have all the writers gone

Hello everyone just wanted to take a minute to talk about the blog spot and how we can generate more traffic on this site. I think one of the main issues that people are running into is that they are having problems logging onto the site. If this is true I would like to know who is having problems so I can help them solve it quickly so they can begin to share the writings and stories with us all. Anyone looking for permission on this website to write please contact me at members@warriorwriters.org or call 215-919-9039 and I will get you all set up. For those not having any technical problems-"WHATS THE HOLD UP???", no but really this site was created for artists and writers to share their works and I am disappointed that we haven't seen much from anyone. I understand that it's very time consuming to write something and that we all can't find time in the day with our schedules but I am urging you to get over that hump and put some stuff out there. This by no means is a letter wrote in anger but more in disappointment. All of you who are members at this site are here because you are very talented and have something truly unique to offer the world of writing and I want to do everything I can to help in that department. So, please get out there and imagine, explore and create!!!


  1. Maybe your net should be spread a bit wider in BIGGER print. I think of this site a lot, and an article I read today (which follows) made me think of you again. I want to post here, but since I am not a Veteran nor a Warriors, I hesitate to be first in line. Perhaps we should do a poetry reading soon, say in October. We could do some sharing on how we are getting our work out. I would read--I need to start reading my work.

    This is why I wrote today: Check out this link: http://www.nyharbor.va.gov/NYHARBOR/features/Apoetamongus.asp

    It was posted in the Third Sunday Blog Carnival on line where I also have a link this month http://thirdsundaybc.com/2012/08/19/vol-1-no-8/

    My own poetry blog is http://susanspoetry.blogspot.com/

    Keep the faith, Susan Chast --O, why not approve all comments instead of using this torturous proof?

  2. It's tough because most of us are trying to get published and once something is placed on the web it is considered published by most journals and therefore cannot be submitted to them for publication.

    That said, I'll never send fresh work here. Sorry, but this is my intended livelihood.

    I have enjoyed sharing what some of the most brilliant creative writing professors in the country have taught me, but I've been told those posts are not wanted here, so I won't be sending them, but I will still send small blurbs as I'm published. It's the best I can do for now.

    You should think of a podcast or video blog, it doesn't count as publication so those pieces can still be published by selective journals and further one's art in multiple ways.

  3. I agree with JosephWade's comment above. I had this dilemna when I was submitting to the WW website too. I want to share my work - especially to get feedback as I'm going through the editing process. But I can't post something here that I am submitting for publication elsewhere. Maybe the best use of the blog is writing prompts and feedback on works-in-progress. Just a though.

  4. Well, I dont care about getting published in "journals", no one reads that crap anyways. I self published my first book on Amazon. My second one will probably go there too, but I intend on doing a Kickstarter to sell print copies as well. As long as you let me, I'll publish here.