Saturday, January 5, 2013

I wanted to do a new prompt, it's been a while....using one word: Disdain. It can be used as a noun or an adjective. These are the definitions:

1) to look on with scorn
2) to treat as beneath ones notice or dignity
3) a feeling of contempt for someone or something regarded as unworthy or inferior

I know I have felt people looking at me with disdain and having feelings of disdain for me for many different reasons. Whether it be how I live my life, how I don't conform, and of course, for being a veteran with PTSD. How I dress, speak, walk,breathe.....

Think about any experiences you might have had with this word, feeling, description and WRITE about it or rant about it or simply discuss!!!


  1. What branch were you in? Where were you deployed?
    Also, no one really feels disdain for vets, IMO there's more of a herofication thing going on.
    I dont get the dressing part.

  2. I'm part of the communications team for WW. I was deployed and I was a medic in the Army. I don't see how any of this is relevant. We write about life period. It's not always a deployment writing. And there are people that look at vets with disdain-vets from all eras, which we have on here. I'm glad you've never had to experience it. If there's an issue you can take it up with Lovella, for I am only doing my job.

  3. "no one really feels disdain for vets, IMO there's more of a herofication thing going on."

    I have to agree with Amber here. I'm happy to know some vets have not experienced disdain but to say that it does not happen is naive at best. Especially with the 'hero-culture' mentality of so many today, it's easy to feel disdain for a veteran that does not live up to societies expectations of a war hero. Some may scorn a vet that has not deployed. Or some cases, where a vet deployed but was not in combat, some seeking the typical image of a hero may view that vet beneath their notice or unworthy of the rank or awards received. Add elements of anti-war sentiments in a society trying to grapple with the truth of our foreign involvements, in a society that prefers to believe that we are "the good guys," and there is definitely contempt toward the veteran that challenges any of these ideals.

    So yes, there is "a herofication thing going on," but it does not end there. There is disdain, scorn, contempt, and sometimes outright hatred, for the veteran that defies our societies image of a hero. Sometimes by other veterans that choose not to define themselves outside the status quo; sometimes by non-vets that prefer not to taint their idealistic image of 'this nations finest' with any hint of reality.