Saturday, November 7, 2009

Warrior Writers is going to Fort Hood (on Veterans Day)

Friends, Family,
It is with a sigh that I reach out to you. And with friendship, with strength, with Love, with hope. We had been planning to go to Fort Hood for Veterans Day for a few months. Now, we go in a new light, things have changed. Yet at the same time, this is one of many situations like it. We know too well the violence and pain of surviving times like these. Our intentions our deep, our hope, growing. We are going to heal, to listen, to build, to support. To stand by, to depend upon. To be there. While the world around us spins around in violence, in greed, in destruction, - we build. we create. we grow. please join us.

We will be writing letters from Fort Hood.
Please send us letters to Fort Hood.

Warrior Writers
c/o Under the Hood
17 S. College St.
Killeen, TX 76541

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