Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Fun-a-days

I decided I would write a haiku for each of my Warrior Writers throughout the days of this month. Here are the first few, I will add others as comments to this post.

Inspired and refreshed
My family teaches me well
Strength to stay in it


Small but mighty love
You're bringing us together
Rest from job well done


New ideas fly round
We are action potential
One step at a time


Trying to know you
I saw darkness through your eyes
Now warmth radiates


  1. mags, you're the sweetest. thanks so much. i am so proud and in awe of your awesomeness this weekend! please don't post them as comments, just post them as new posts, they'll get lost and plus it will give something new to look at more often. i'm lookin forward to reading your haikus. - LC