Monday, July 12, 2010

ARV Proposed Title

The Chicago Warrior Writers are participating at a local 2-day conference in early fall: Art in Response to Violence. The proposal for the conference is completed except for a title. The proposed title will be the "theme" of the collection and all the work (written word, photos, paintings, and any other installation) will be focused on this theme/title.

So far, Pete has proposed "Coming Home".

We'd like to get a few more suggestions and then choose one. If you don't have a suggestion but would like to second Pete's, respond with that too. We will be finalizing this by midnight tonight and I will submit the proposal first thing tomorrow morning.

Any folks not in the area that would still like to contribute, please contact Pete--(I'm sure he won't mind :)Then we will be on the road to creating an inspiring installation of Art in Response to Violence--and that will be a rewarding journey!

Semper Fidelis.

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