Saturday, July 10, 2010


I wrote this about (an actual experience) how we can sometimes pull each other out of a rut just by being there. I think it's about brother/sisterhood and is appropriate since many of us are connecting in Austin this weekend. Those of us who couldn't make it miss you!


We step off the train in our most
Convincing we’re-doing-just-fine disguise with
The cinder-block feet of men whose spirits are
Heavy under the artificiality of
Our swagger and the damp light and
The same greasy grit of guilt and shame
That covers the subway walls

Lost in our heads on parallel staircases
The corners of our eyes issue challenges to
Our legs as we race skyward
Away from such a thick black dust
We return for a moment, our
Chests out and craned necks,
Laughing into the sunshine of our youth

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