Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A War I Brought Back Home.

War, war is what I get Inside the mind of this Troubled young Vet. when I came home there was fuzzy tone everything seemed to change and Inside I felt alone. Bombs and death were still vey clear, The ringing never stops inside of my ear. The only friend that I could keep was a friend in the form of a drink, Day or night he'd help to kill the fright to numb the pain inside my brain, This war inside is driving me insane. Money and pills are the answer from THEM but all I want is to be ME again.


  1. HI im new here thought i'd share some here's one about substance abuse ptsd after combat tours i'll post more later- SGT Ryan Smith US ARMY(ret)OIF VET

  2. Ryan thanks for sharing, that shit is real. Solidarity brother and welcome.