Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What we've seen

What we've seen, we'll never forget. What we've done, we'll always regret.
The mind will wander for hours and hours. Unrelenting thoughts from Kabul to Baghdad.
All the while, tossing soccer balls to kids. Then laugh when they fight--
fight to the death over one single ball.
Houses made of shit, tea full of sugar.
Decaying cow carcasses lining the roads.
A surreal moment as you check your soul.

1 comment:

  1. Amber, good one, I like this line the most.

    "A surreal moment as you check your soul".

    The soul is not lost, only temporally burdened by all that. Your soul is alive and well, its the injury that hurt your soul. Its still there, feed your soul, it will return, and you'll be better then, in every way.

    In Vietnam, they did not build houses out of shit, they made them out of beer cans opened up, and flattened, and there were houses made of 100's 1000's
    of beer cans.... at 1st you laugh, then, you feel it.