Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Our first exercise

Hey everyone,
Welcome to the Warrior Writers Blog! I am so excited to see what you all have to say! I will be posting/sending exercises every week, I'm not sure what day but just keep checking in.

As our summers wind down and we fall into autumn, let's take a minute to reflect on the travels and transitions we have been in lately. Travels and transition always shake us up a little bit. We see different things, people, places, we do different things and our habits are a little out of whack. Change is good, and more importantly, always necessary. Where have you traveled lately? What have your journeys taught you? What will you bring with you into your next chapter? What are you trying to learn? What changes have you been making in your life recently? What changes are you interested in making?

Of course, you can write whatever you want but start this off with a free write and just keep your pen moving for ten minutes. Do not pay attention to grammar, spelling, format, etc. – just write! It can take any form, a letter, a poem, a list, a play, a monologue, just write! If you want to go back and edit, do so, but just post it, and give yourself a timeline too, because we want to see what you have to say.

- Get that pen moving!


  1. Yes I am all over this Lovella thanks.

  2. The uniform:
    I change when I wear it.

    Peace is put behind me:
    I gird my loins for war.
    How can this change take place?
    Bits of colored clothing
    change me from man to beast?
    My humanity dies:
    from Father to Fighter -
    with just a change of shirt.
    Instead of love and peace,
    violence floods my being.

    I change when I wear it:
    The Uniform.

  3. The uniform is poignant and prophetic. How I adorn my body prepares me for my mental attitude. Left brain thinking that totally negates the inner being that only craves love and peace. It puts the body/mind/being at war within itself immediately and starts the fight or flee Cortisol flowing.

  4. "To the Left: An Ode to Ex Lovers & Current Kush"

    He said he prayed to the aboriginal mother
    While searching the world for me
    Having loved others before
    But never smelling a flower so sweet
    My exotic physique
    Reminded him of ancient Persian borders
    And my touch was all that gave him peace

    So we'd lay together and politic philosophy
    Make plans
    Forget plans
    Share tender kisses
    Or just giggle in the dark
    Our heat created a spark
    For the flame that burned just for us two

    The truth...
    I spent more time trying to deny
    The proof left behind
    Of him sowing his wild flames
    With those clearly of lesser grade
    And occasionally
    Just like after the last two
    Off a first one of his second name
    He'd pass me for the next
    Still believing I'd come back around
    But this time
    I'm out

  5. Summer Travel, Chile

    I said farewell to the sweet new lover , from my past/
    Armed with a false sense of security in my ability to communicate/
    I flew to South America with a group of people so very American/
    I could see both the good and the bad in that/
    I was called a sister of the world (I compliment I don't deserve but want to learn how to)/
    At the disco-tech I danced like a wild woman all night long/
    With handsome men I couldn't speak to/
    No sex, no weed, no vegitarian food/
    I love this place but really, it's missing some key elements/
    I was a bitter old woman/
    I told all the sweet, pretty girls "don't get married and if you do don't change your name"/
    I wonder what my 20 year old self would have thought of me/
    Three things I learned:

    -It's possible to actually like a republican.
    -My grass is pretty damn green.
    -The most important part of a journey is a good traveling companion.