Friday, September 11, 2009

Up, down and around...

Congrats to everyone who posted (see Comments under my first post). These should appear on the blog, not as comments, so we're workin' out the kinks with that. Email us if you are trying to post on here for our agreements and a login.

Be patient with yourself. Also, be diligent about your art-making. Creativity is a muscle that must be used.

So, onto this week's writing exercise. I'll post on a specific day once I get internet access, bear with me.

Managing our emotions: up and down, frustrating and liberating, confusing and clear - wears us out. So today, your assignment is to paint a picture of where you've been, where your feelings have led you lately. What makes you angry? What makes you excited? What calms you? What scares you? What makes you smile?

Think of this as a tool to deal with these emotions. Knowing these answers can help you plan better to to take care of yourself during these times. Do so. Reach out when you need help. We're here.

In struggle,

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  1. Hey Lovella,

    Sorry I'm late. But I didn't forget!

    XO, Chantelle

    I know it's pretty short. But that's the beauty of haiku. You can say a lot with just 17 syllables. I was thinking about these questions of emotion and the one that stood out most for me was: where have your feelings led you lately? I think I often spend so much time and energy faking the feelings that I don't even know which emotions are authentic anymore. It's something I'm trying to work on and what I have learned most so far is that no matter how hard I try to arrange all the pieces...most of the time I need to just deal with life as it happens.

    "Going Nowhere Fast"

    Traveling woman
    Lost her map and finally
    Found some direction