Monday, January 18, 2010

couldn't write this anywhere else

to be brief, to be short... I'm getting mad by what is going on in Haiti. I know I should feel sympathy for their country... I kinda feel like a monster. I do, actually. I recognize that its a tragedy, but for some reason my brain won't let me get past certain aspects. Such as, Haiti has more NGO's and gets more aid than any country in the world and yet they are still not developing properly. The reason there were so many casualties is because of their very poor infrastructure. Too much aid is not good for a country's development, that's been documented... but see, there I go again. I am so mad at so many things that I can't feel the compassion. Our government is a bundle of failure. I think, if i can pinpoint, what I am so mad about is that there are new tragedies every week on a massive scale and we jump on this band wagon to help these and help those, and it works out so conveniently for the government to keep our attention so distracted with all the calamity in the world. i wonder why we should help Haiti when there are so many other places and peoples in devastation... and i feel like a jerk. I just wanted to share, wanted to get it out... I will probably write a poem about it or something... I just figured the only people I could come close to admitting that to is other veterans.

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