Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This Weeks Writing Exercise

Hello friends,
Lovella has asked me to post some writing exercises for the weeks while she is out of the country so here goes. Also I want to work over the next week on getting everyone plugged in to the happenings of Warrior Writers right now. If you can't figure out how to blog on this site call me at (912)596-8484. If you want more information on the Warrior Writers training for trainers happening in Philly the last weekend of Feb call me or write to maggiemartin1@gmail

Writing Exercise:

There are a lot of difficulties in writing about ourselves; we get caught up in the facts of the situation, the background info, how certain things made us feel, and we have concerns over how others will perceive our stories. Besides that, sometimes the facts of a situation still don't add up to the feeling of that same situation.

Tim O'brien writes what he calls biographical fiction, taking parts of his experience he adds fictional elements to create the "true war story" the story that truly captures the feeling if not the exact facts of the war in Vietnam.

Take time this week to write a true war story or a poem about someone other than yourself. Maybe your story is about a friend from your time in service, a friend you have made in IVAW/ WW, or even about someone you despise/d. You can write their story from your own point of view or get creative and write from their point of view. Don't limit yourself to the facts, write whatever reflect the true feeling of the story.

Have fun with this exercise, explore new territory, if you don't have any ideas try reading some Winter Soldier testimony and see how it feels to creatively interpret someone else's story.

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