Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Exercise your form

So, Lovella and I made an agreement while we met up in this beautiful and ugly place we both came from. We agrees to keep working to be here for each other and for all of you and to help this community grow. From now on if we can keep our heads above water and if you all can help us feel like it's worth it we will post exercises every Wednesday. Lovella is posting creative exercises and I am posting different forms. Use the form for the exercises, or do the exercises any way you want, or say whatever you want practicing the form. Whatever you want just make the time, take the time and write. This community is important and we need to care for it and for ourselves. Here's an simple form for starters and remember you always have freedom to color outside the lines:

Cinquain: 5 line poetry
Syllabic verse form. Gradually increasing number of syllables in each line until the last line, which returns to two syllables
Line 1: 2 syllables, one word giving the title
Line 2: 4 syllables, two words that describe the title
Line 3: 6 syllables, three words that express action
Line 4: 8 syllables, four words that express feeling
Line 5: 2 syllables, one word that gives the title a different name

queazy, stinging
question, wonder, worry
feeling failure creeping closer


  1. Anxious
    Always shaking
    Commit, relax, expand
    Seeking safety amidst turmoil

  2. Manic
    Depressed, Panic
    rat-tat, trip trap, triggered
    confused by my actions, no answers
    just sick

    I know I used two words for the last one

  3. oops and to many sylablles on the now awnsers