Thursday, September 9, 2010

this is the sound of a dropping bomb

Sometimes the world resonates in my ears and I get tired and I get headaches. I get incredibly depressed for brief periods of time, usually less than a day, and my head pounds, and I really just can't move. I'm glad my daughter is two and not an infant anymore, honestly. I don't know what comes over me, and today my explanation is that I'm newly divorced (finally) and totally crushed and pissed off. Just, devestated at the betrayal in my marriage. Then, I'm also in a relationship right now with a really wonderful guy, and I sometimes wonder if i'm just treading water until it all blows to shit. So,
today I'm cynical. Here we go.

love is a something darkly khaki

this sounds like the tv on in the background

love smells like leftover pizza and dish soap

this tastes like kamikazes and pbr coming up my throat

looking like smeared make up the morning after i can't remember

feeling like shit

on the other hand

love can be purple

an indie band

a baby fresh from the bath

fruit smoothies

and mountain-scapes in the distance

feeling like its worth it

1 comment:

  1. wow...
    i'm sorry you're feelin low, and excited that you're also feeling loved and happy. we embody so many opposites sometimes, its confusing right?
    i'm super glad someone used the prompt! i'll send another out next week. in the meantime, remember, you deserve love and joy. chase it, hold it, play with it, create it...