Thursday, September 16, 2010

What are your comfort items???

When living such an up and down and all over the place life due to the effects of Iraq, one must find comfort items that help them get through the rough patches, or even just every day comforts to continue your healing process.

My comfort items are first and foremost: a comfortable environment. Without this, it's hard for me to function. I also look for comfort in coffee and the sweet lovins from all my pooches. A hair cut can be comforting, counseling is comforting, and reading is when I'm at my calmest. I love to read, then get inspired to write as well. The love and support of my family and friends is definitely comforting for myself. And sometimes, good ol fashioned outreach to other members can make me feel awesome!!! It's nice to know I have a second family in a sense, to help me and for us to be there for each other just the same. Thank you Lovella for creating safe spaces for us and allowing us to just get some things off our chest when a comforting workshop rolls around.

For this weeks writing prompt, we would like to know what comforts you????


  1. The fear of uncertainty takes over the mind and the body.
    Wondering what is in store
    Every second is gut wrenching
    As the days pass on by the mission is questioned more and more
    "Why are we really here?"
    "Would the Government and leadership lie?"
    Wondering what the truth is really is
    Questioning the morality of the war
    Realizing the chain of command just goes as ordered without asking "Why"
    Anger consumes because the lies are finally coming to light
    Instead of pointing the rifle at the false enemy, it is pointed to the ground
    When the right choice is finally made you say "MISSION COMPLETE"

  2. Maybe by accident or maybe not! I came to your BLOG and while I was reading it... I couldn't just read and not write something. I agree with Christian when he or she says that there is always right and wrong but we don't realized it because both side think they are right.You end up putting the rifle to the wrong person when your enemy it's your own self.

  3. For me the truth is my comfort and I don't need any items to comfort myself if I know that.

  4. It is really important to be truthful to yourself because in that moment is when you find the light.