Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"I Don't Need God To Judge" & "Maggie Thatcher Died Today"

 Below the jump are two poems: "I Don't Need God To Judge" and "Maggie Thatcher Died Today".

Let me know the pieces and aspects you like. I'll try to build on them. Let me know the details you can't stand.

I write to express myself, but I also want to make my work good for the reader.

"I Don't Need God To Judge" by Carl Nyberg

Forget judgment by God
I can make my own judgment
Ignorance is a choice
The choice of cowards
American hate each other
Hate each other too much
Too much to work together
And are too servile
Too servile and cowardly
To challenge those in power

"Maggie Thatcher Died Today" by Carl Nyberg

How should Iraq War pitch men
Be treated when they die?

I would like their graves to be robbed
And bodies disposed
Outside America
In the ocean
In a desert
But outside America
Exiled in death

"But you didn't serve in Iraq"
Invading Iraq destroyed my faith
In America
That Bush & the Neo Cons lied
Didn't surprise me
That the media and "average voters"
Went along
Showed me that Americans
Weren't worth defending

I do want George W. Bush
To live a long life
So he can see the consequences
Of his despicable presidency
I wish I possessed
A history book from
A century in the future
I'd force W to read it

But Iraq destroyed our trust
In our ability to use
Government for the common good
The collective interest

Any idea to tax the rich
And help the people
Has an extra hurdle to clear
If the government would
Lie about WMD
Can it be trusted to make good
On helping regular folk?

Destroy trust
Bug or feature?

Doing good requires
The people believe
Good can be done

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