Friday, May 24, 2013

"Seriously" & "Pop Culture Propaganda"

Below the fold: "Pop Culture Propaganda".

by Carl Nyberg

If I could ask American men one Q
Why did you let the system
Cut off you balls?

You know you're losing ground
And you blame the Blacks?
The Mexicans?

The liberals gave up on integration
Blacks overwhelmingly live
Segregated and unequal

You're gonna blame the Mexicans
Doing shitty jobs
At shitty wages
For keeping you down?

Instead of fighting for your families
You blame people
Who aren't the problem

And you wonder why
No one respects you
Hell, you don't respect yourselves
Pop Culture Propaganda
by Carl Nyberg

Myth of perfect marriage
Myth of American democracy
Myth of a just war
Myth of unbounded growth
Myth of avoiding death

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