Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Workshop in Killeen, TX on Veteran's Day

Veterans Day Veterans Speak
Veterans Day November 11, 2009
GI and Veteran Writing Workshop 4 – 7PM
Open mic and fundraiser 8 – 10PM

November 12, 2009
Extended writing workshop and training 4 – 8PM

At Under the Hood: 17 S. College st. Killeen, TX 76541

Come out to a writing workshop with Warrior Writers Project
The Warrior Writers Project brings together recent veterans and current service members to be in creative community and utilize art-making processes to express themselves. There is a deep necessity for veterans to create when so much has been shattered and stolen. A profound sense of hope comes from the ability to rebuild and transform. Our workshops and events utilize (but are not limited to) writing, drawing, photography, papermaking and music. We also compile artwork into books, performances and exhibits so civilians can begin to better understand veterans’ experiences.

Free to all GIs and Veterans

Thursday, October 15, 2009

a rainy evening in West Philly

Hey friends,

The season is changing, seasons change
we change, it gets colder, we move inward
where do we go? how do we get there?
how does the weather, the world outside affect us?
boxing us in, drawing us out, smiling, frustrated
tell me, what storms you have survived
tell me, how have you survived?

I'm so glad you're/we're writing together. As I write this our friends are in the other room. Chantelle is painting her first canvas, Toby showed her the ropes. Jose made a hand turkey. We're preparing a package for Kelly and Jay. Steve and Frank are enjoying the company, though they may or may not admit it. Sending packages to friends is a beautiful thing...

Love you all,

Friday, October 9, 2009

This morning on the Radio...

I had two predominant feelings about the news this morning that President Obama had received the Noble Peace Prize: Pride and frustration.
First and foremost, I have to let you know that I very much support President Obama. His election was truly an historical event, and my generation will likely not see something this monumental during our lifetimes again.
So throughout my day, I listened to MPR, and was able to get a bit more insight into the reasoning behind Mr. Obama’s nomination with such a massive honor and privilege. The reasons given were Mr. Obama’s work regarding nuclear disarmament, his attempts at reconciling the East with the Wast, namely by reaching out to the Islamic world, howbeit as small as his Cairo speech might have been regarding mending those delicate and torn relations, it was a step in the right direction none the less.
It was also pointed out that Mr. Obama’s election to the American Presidency was seen around the world as a step by the America in finally righting some of its horrendous historical and social injustices regarding racism and slavery.
On these grounds, I would indeed have to agree, and for these reasons I am proud at what our current President has been able to do within his first eleven months in office. So yes, President Obama has indeed made great strides regarding these issues, and for that, I think we all should be grateful.
There is, however, the darker side to this current administration, and that is the fact that so many of the harmful and brutal missteps of the last administration still have to be corrected.
We are making our way slowly out of Iraq it would seem, but what type of presence will we leave there, since there is only a withdrawal of “combat troops”?.
We have floundered in Afghanistan for the past eight years, and the Obama Administration is attempting to find the best course of action to take, which at the moment seems to be a course that will narrow the U.S. Military’s role and objective there, which is promising. I can understand the Obama Administrations desire to take it slow when it comes to big changes in Afghanistan, the results of Mr. Obama’s choices regarding that country will not only effect the rest of his Administration and political career, but will also affect the American Military and safety for years and possibly generations to come.
And lest we forget, there is still the issue of Getmo and the continuation of Patriot Act articles.
So for now, I will continue to speak out, to write, and to pray for that elusive day when the wars will end and there are no more. Do I stand by the Obama Administration 100%? Heck no. but with that said, I will take pride in what I can from this administration while I remain engaged within the Peace Movement and continue to work for Peace and Justice, because after the last eight years, I will take whatever positive move I can from this country’s government that I can get.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I acted out a little

I'm telling you, I had been drinking a little bit, but I really didn't get too mad at the young E-5 Recruiter until he told me he had volunteered to be a recruiter. That's when I gave him the business. I asked him what his quota was and what his commission bonus was for sending young kids to their death. He stammered and named some numbers and then lied, several times, before admitting he gets a bonus. Then he told me he wasn't that bad cos he is just a national guard recruiter. So, I saw red. I told him, in no uncertain terms, that he was contributing to the illegal occupation of foreign soil, and that he had killed my friends who had died over there, and was killing more like them, all for a bonus. That he was killing children with his "oh so innocent" recruiting. I told him he was worse than the scum of the universe, that he was the armpit of the scum of the universe and had no idea what he was talking about. He was silent for a long while (basically the first 5 minutes of my outburst), then he told me "Oh, well, I guess you know everything, I can't argue with you," and I said "yeah you're right you can't" and walked away because I had a sneaking suspicion I was five seconds from getting violent. I found out after I walked away that he called me the c-word after I walked away, and then I found out he'd never been deployed.

I really dislike recruiters who have never been deployed.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Phone calls

It was nice talking to those of you I have gotten a hold of over the past few days. I'm sorry I'm so terribly awkward on the phone. I had three deployments while married, and being in Signal where we almost always had access meant that I spent a LOT of time on the phone with my ex husband. Anyway now I really hate to talk on the phone but I realize that is something I have to overcome if I plan on being an activist and having such great friends spread out across the country.

Thanks for coming to look at the blogspot and I hope you will contribute. If you are unable to make your own post and are only allowed to leave comments then let me know because there is a list of contributors that you have to be added to.

Again thanks for coming by and I hope that this group will be a spot that you look forward to visiting to share some experience with your brothers and sisters.