Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cinquain for Fear


Alert, Unsure

Fighting, Fleeing, Freezing

Loopy stomach, Rising panic


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Intrusive Thoughts exhibit in Chicago, Veterans Day - pls send submissions

Hey all,
I was/am gonna submit works from the website but I figured I would put a call out to see if anyone wanted to submit anything and I can add it to the mix. It can be writing or visual arts. Please send it to me directly (and post it on the blog).
So yeah, the title is self explanatory...I think a lot of things could fit into this...

Also, these are the questions we'll need to answer to put with our collection of works. If anyone wants to answer them and post them here or send them to me, feel free. I would love to have this stuff by tomorrow, Wednesday if possible. Sorry such late notice. I'm working on trying to ask for help/assistance/participation more often...but also not sure how/when/what people are able to give.

Artist statement in relation to the theme "Intrusive Thoughts"

"Why does our generation of veteran art need to be shown?"

much love,