Monday, February 28, 2011

I know you don't mean it

If you saw the smiles
could you say
the things you do?

Quote, "Nuke the country
make it a parkin lot
we can show'em
by buildin

Well, I love to break it to you

they have
their own
stores too

sometimes it rains
sometimes it snows
sometimes the skys
are blue

They even have farmers
working their fields
I've been there
I know it's true

One time,
I approached
the mountains
to wash off
in a snowy spring

it reminded me
of Arkansas:

mountains - without the green

I know you speak
from ignorance
your words
you can't understand

The beauty of life is everywhere

even in

Friday, February 18, 2011

Can't Sleep Much...

Can't sleep much these days,
My brain seems to have made up its mind to keep the midnight oil burnin'
Regardless of how much I wish I could just put it out.

There is this tension on my soul you see,
It pulls and holds me fast,
Because I am so intrinsically connected
By the horrible travesty that humankind tends to be to itself.

I've seen the ascension,
I've seen the ascension,
And for my part, is there any redemption?

Can't sleep much these days,
I keep seeing the faces of those who will never awake again,
How could I have ever taken part in such a thing?

I've seen the ascension,
I've seen the ascension,
And as for my mistaken allegiance, is there any redemption?

I've seen the blood of innocent men run red,
I've seen the blood of innocent men run red,
My god it's just like mine,
My god it's just like mine…

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Muralists In Philly, And A New Contest!

First off, any Warrior Writers who consider themselves muralists, step right up. We're finally putting out our Request For Proposals for the Philadelphia mural project. If you, or someone you know, could tackle this, please drop a line to I don't have the RFP posted on the website yet, but we're working on it (and will post a link as soon as I do). It's a great opportunity, both for us and the muralist, to work in a city known for the quality and quantity of its mural artwork.

Also, Jan Barry has brought the Nimrod Literary Contest to our attention. They're a (comparatively) prestigious literary journal, and they're looking for submissions for their annual prose and poetry contest. See their site ( for details. This is a great opportunity to spread your voice beyond yourself and make yourself heard.

Monday, February 14, 2011

For NJ-area Warrior Writers, this powerful exhibition looks like something well worth attending, and maybe even reading or exhibiting some of your work. Check it out!

The Costs of War
A Call for Poetry and Works of Art Depicting the Human and Financial Costs of War
The mounting costs of war over the past decade are staggering. More than 4,436 US troops and over 1 million civilians have been killed in Iraq and over 32,009 US troops have been wounded ( Casualties in Afghanistan and Pakistan have also been horrendous. The US has spent over $1 trillion on these wars since 2001. Bergen County, NJ’s portion of that cost to taxpayers is an estimated $6.5 billion ( Across America, local and state governments hit by cuts in federal grants are laying off teachers and police officers, cutting funding for schools and colleges. High unemployment in an economy drained by wars and domestic fiscal crises continues to be disastrous for millions of Americans families—and is higher still for young military veterans.
To address this tragic state of our nation, a grassroots presentation on the human and financial costs of war will be held at the Puffin Cultural Forum in Teaneck. The public art exhibit by people in the Northern New Jersey-New York area will be from March 15-April 8, 2011. The exhibit will feature art and poetry by adults and children, war veterans and military family members, about the human and financial costs of war.
On Sunday, March 20, the 8th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, there will be a cultural event at the Puffin: Looking at the Costs of War Through the Arts. This event will feature local poets, rap and spoken word artists, singers and musicians.
Here are ways you can participate or help with the exhibit and cultural event:
· Submit your own works of art or poetry. Send an e-mail describing the content and size of your work. Attach a copy or photo if possible.
· Contact math teachers (re the financial costs of war), writing and art teachers to encourage them to have interested students submit work.
· Contact community, veteran, labor, and religious groups to encourage members to submit work.
· Encourage your organization to co-sponsor this event.
· Help with installation of the exhibit or help with publicity.
All works of art should be focused specifically on the human and/or the financial costs of war. There will be a screening of all submissions because of space concerns. For more information, inquiries, or to submit work, write to

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Philadelphia Lit Magazine

Philadelphia-area Warrior Writers, take a look at this: a perfect opportunity for you to submit some pieces you might have been thinking of or working on. Particularly note the last paragraph: APIARY likes performances of the submitted pieces, so those who are as eager to speak their truths as to write them, grab your pen or your keyboard.

"APIARY is a literary magazine released twice a year in summer and winter. We publish poetry, short stories, creative non-fiction, two-dimensional art, song lyrics, reviews, manifestos, and more.

In order to get published by APIARY, your work must be original. Simultaneous submissions and previously published pieces are fine, as long as you notify us which of your work has been/will be published elsewhere. We will consider submissions for both print and online journals.

Submission Guidelines

Electronic submissions only, sent in .doc format to The file name should include your last name. All submissions should be 12-point font and double-spaced. In the top left corner of the title page include a header with your name phone number and email, along with the word count. Multiple submissions are not accepted per reading period except for poetry and artwork. You may submit work in multiple genres, however.


We will accept 3 – 5 poems for review. If you are submitting multiple poems, please include them all in one document rather than multiple files.

Short Stories/Novel Excerpts

We accept short stories in varying lengths up to 5,000 words. Shorter works are more likely to find spot in print. If you have a longer piece that you’re dying to have published, send it and we’ll consider serializing it either in print or on our website.


We accept personal essays and non-fiction up to 3,000 words. We’re looking for pieces that focus on positive or thought-provoking experiences, but will consider any well-written essay.


You may submit up to 5 pieces of visual art. All artwork must be submitted electronically in JPEG or GIF format with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Our print publication is in black and white, except for cover artwork. Minimum uncompressed file size of: 48MB. Maximum compressed file size of: 25MB. Please send files exceeding 25MB via Yousendit, a free large-file sending program.

Youth Submissions

Writers under 18 must download, print, and send in the permission form found here. All signed permission forms should be sent to APIARY, 801 Greenwich St, Philadelphia, PA 19148.


We’re a non-profit, self-funded publication. Your compensation will come in the form of a copy of APIARY, a bio in the print magazine and a link to your portfolio, website, or blog on All rights revert to the writers once published. Additional print copies are $5 each. We believe in literature out loud. If your work is chosen for publication, you’ll be asked to participate in a live reading. For this reason we’d prefer writers from the Philadelphia area."

Thursday, February 3, 2011


We bring the occupation home with us.
Occupation inside my head,
Occupation inside your head;
The tour never ends, does it?
We just sit and live and try and fight and feel like
Strangers inside of our bodies,
Not thinking about what we are doing
Holistically, in entirety.
We drink and feel alone and crave others to
Join our occupation of our souls,
Like company can desensitize the wounds,
Can make the occupation less harsh -
We need battle buddies to drink with and watch movies with and
Play x-box or playstation inside our
Occupied hearts.

We bring the occupation home with us.
Setting up enemy camp inside our rib cage,
Within our skulls,
Occupying ourselves like strangers, hostile
To our own cause.
Hostile to my cause,
And hostile to your cause,
When will we withdraw?
And let our souls live free again?
And let our hearts breathe again?
And let our minds speak again?

If we bring the occupation home with us,
Then we never really come home.

I want to go home.