Friday, May 28, 2010


We should be blogging more often. Even if it's just thoughts flooding your brain and you need to write them down--let them out. Free them from yourself in artistic ways--healthier ways : )

I'll share a personal story about the first and only time anyone mentioned PTSD to me--as in, they thought I had it. And I do, but this was not too long after returning from the deployment. This was when I thought it was fake and made up, and of course I didn't have it!

It was my grandmother, she's been a nurse for over 40 years now, still works, and lost my grandfather over 20 years ago. She's so strong and independent, and has been a close friend to me. G-ma knew everything. She'd seen it all and then some. Her best friend is a vietnam vet, suffering very badly and progressing quickly from agent orange. He can no longer speak, and she thinks he's not even able to write any more. And of course he can't walk.

So, here I sit, in almost full blown ptsd mode, and I am happy to say that I'm able to recognize my situation, and that I need some help along the way. Which I have been for almost 2 months now. Every day is a struggle, just not always a big struggle. Enjoy and cherish your "good" days!!!

Peace, love, & light


  1. 良言一句三冬暖,惡語傷人六月寒。.........................

  2. its so good that you have at least someone, possibly hopefully more, that seem to be able to aid you on that journey... peace <3