Thursday, May 20, 2010

It’s sinking in

It’s sinking in
I’m in a country called Iraq
Not to visit, or vacation
I am living here in Iraq
Not just for a summer or a month
I’m here for a year in Iraq
My birthday will be spent here
My Anniversary will be celebrated here
Halloween, Thanksgiving,
Christmas and New Years
All will be celebrated in Iraq
A whole year I won’t ever get back
I’m not going to say it was wasted
There is something always to be done
There is something always learned
On the radio there are reports of killing
In the sky sound the loud thunders of helicopters
Outside the office the sun awaits to melt you
Seven days a week this place rapes me of
Always trying to get more from me
Helpless to those back home is what I feel
Everyday is a routine to this shit
Life in this army will tear you apart
Your mind, body and soul
No one back home will ever truly understand
It’s okay though they don’t need to
It’s my reality and it’s sinking in

~Dan Conerd~

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