Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Something to lighten the mood during this time of memories and remembrance

I am a member of the writing club where I attend college. On this Wednesday, was something new. She said she was going to read the headline of a newspaper and give a little detail about the story.

The story is that a volunteer firefighter with his 3rd arson count. So you just go with it in whatever direction you want for 5 minutes. This is some ironic, slightly sarcastic humor.

It's exciting for me,
a love I've never known.
Been doing it for years--
ever since I've been grown.

The red and orange
that lights the sky.
The heat it emmitts,
brings a tear to my eye.

I'm a volunteer firefighter,
with a secret to hide.
One that nobody knows,
I keep it deep inside.

My job is to fight fires,
sometimes saving lives.
All I have to do
is get that blaze to die.

Yet here I sit,
with my one true desire.
Light, light, light it up,
I love to start fires.

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  1. lmao didn't homer and gang do that in an episode of simpsons and then robbing the hapless home and business owners? so twisted and wonderful. :)