Saturday, May 1, 2010

Wilderness and Solitude

Yesterday at our workshop at the Vet Center in Brooklyn we discussed these topics. Then we wrote about it. You can too! Are you in search of solitude? How does solitude affect you? Are you trying to get into the wilderness? What are you searching for there? When you have been there, what is it like, what do you discover, think, feel? What does the wild offer you? ...all this while the noise of NYC bounced around us...

Here's what I wrote:

I'm not searching for solitude
just silence sometimes
I wonder if I can find myself
in the hustle and the rushing
If I sat down on the couch
and really looked at myself
peered down into my hands
what would the lines read
what do I really want and need?
Even in the slices of silence
there's all the chatter inside
and I just can't slow me down
and in trees and mountains
I search, never sitting still
for more than a moment
I"m only full of wonder
for what I really want from
solitude and wilderness
what I might answer
to these never-ending questions
there is so much life outside
and inside
yet, we remain focused
and together
and I'm deeply grateful

Lovella Calica (civilian, project founder)