Monday, May 24, 2010


I spread the word about this Memorial Day project at our recent SE IVAW Retreat in Savannah, GA. I am excited to do this! I know I have a couple of special people to add, and Anthony Brooks has too many. Please get your words and love out for others so that we can support each other during this time of remembrance. Also, over the Memorial Day weekend, Maggie and I have our interviews and photos appearing in Savannah Morning News. It's a special salute to women in the military. You can access it online. I also participated in a live interview/discussion with some older female vets. That will be online as well. I plugged WW and such, so hopefully she uses it and it gives us more visibility. Peace!

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  1. i probably won't remember to check back for a reply comment but if you could email me... when you do press stuff, like photos/interview in the news, is that typically at the press' request or do you have or know of anyone who has special tips/tricks to get a foot in the door to cover more veterans/military etc related things?