Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"Robots Killing Men"

The poem below the fold needs work. I would like some feedback on which ideas and metaphors work for you.

What should be salvaged in the next attempt at wrestling with remote controlled weapons?

Robots Killing Men
by Carl Nyberg

Terminator showed a vision
Of machines against men

We live in a world
Of men against men

Like the beginning
Of Running Man

Food riots in streets
Arnold refuses to shoot

Only our police
Aren't so heroic

Rubber bullets, tear gas, batons
Pepper spray and Stop n Frisk

If those in power
Want beatings

Police will comply
Until fealty improves

But drones and robots
Are the future

Weapons used remotely
No conscience, no risk

It starts over there
But the people are the enemy

Tribal region villagers
Pose no real risk

Guinea pigs for
Weapons tests

The real enemy
Is at home

The people who
Could change the economic system

Their labor not needed
The retain memories and delusions

Democracy, rights
And justice

The may discover solidarity
And demand concessions

Accountability, rights
Taxes, jobs, redistribution of wealth

Illegitimate power
Fears being taken away

Immunities necessary
Any accountability is a bitch

So they hire scientists
And engineers to build

Build the perfect weapons
Controlled remotely

No conscience, always loyal
And profitable to boot!


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